Year 6 - Pine


Welcome To Our Year Six Class Page - Mrs Malik

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


This term we will be working on the following:

English:  Handwriting, Grammar, Spelling as well as descriptive writing, debate and newspaper articles through our text Street Child by Berlie Doherty

Maths:  Measure, Ratio and Proportion

Religion:  "Expectation" followed by "The Bible"

Science:  Light

Topic:  (History)  Conflict through time



We will also have PE, Spanish and Music this term.  Please see the (slightly amended) timetable below.  

Our Spring Timetable


Please see our draft timetable below. 

The children must come to school in their navy PE kit on Tuesday  only.


Please note that this timetable is not set in stone and can be subject to change depending on events around the school.  Any major changes will be communicated via SchoolsBuddy.

Our Y6 Classroom

Our Amazing Writing!

At the end of the term, we studied the Y6 text “The Highway Man” which is a poem by Alfred Noyes.  We explored the themes and characters of the poem and wrote some first person pieces based on character and emotion.  


The children have really enjoyed this text and I have been blown away by their hard work and amazing writing!  The writing below is a monologue written from the point of view of one of the poem’s characters: Bess.  Bess has been held hostage as a trap for her beloved Highway Man and faces conflicting emotions.  Should she warn her love, her Highway Man, or should he suffer for letting her down?  


The children have captured the conflicting emotions extremely well, as you will see...

Our Suspense Stories

 yes Pine's Presentation Hall of Fame! yes

(Each week we will post photos of well presented work)


Logan    Paulie    


Logan, Paulie and Mia have worked hard this week on presenting their reflections on COP26