All governors are volunteers and are appointed to assist in the strategic direction of the school. The members include the Chair, the Vice Chair, Parent Governors, Foundation Governors, a staff governor and the Headteacher. 


The Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school or in how the school is managed. Their role is to support the Head Teacher and senior leaders in promoting high standards of education, welfare and spiritual wellbeing of all our pupils.  


As a team, the governing body works alongside the Head Teacher and senior leaders to promote and support the success of the school - a “Critical Friend” that helps to ensure high standards are maintained and that all of children remain happy and healthy whilst making outstanding educational progress.   


The Governors meet on a regular basis in separate committees that focus on the curriculum, school development, admissions, finance, safeguarding, personnel and premises. The full Governing Body meets each term to discuss outstanding issues from the committees and to receive feedback from the Head Teacher and senior leaders regarding the progress of the school.


In addition to this, individual Governors are linked with various aspects of the work of the school and meet with school staff to monitor and promote progress towards targets.  Whenever possible, Governors support staff and pupils by attending the many events that take place during the course of the year.




A Staff Governor is elected by the school staff and is a representative, not a delegate of the staff.


As an employee, the staff governor has a unique insight into the activities of the school. Therefore, the staff governor brings to the governing body an understanding of the school’s ethos and culture as well as a close, professional knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. The staff governor contributes, in partnership with other governors, to the strategic development of the school. Their role is to present the views of the staff reasonably and faithfully, to seek colleagues’ views and make them known to the governing body, but be free to act in accordance with their own conscience and in the interests of the pupils as they see them.  




A Parent Governor is a representative and not a delegate of parents.


Parent governors provide a “parental viewpoint”, though they are representative parents rather than representative of parents. To fulfil the role effectively, parent governors should:

  • Make themselves known to the parent body
  • Guide parents about appropriate lines of action and procedures
  • Present a balanced view of issues, representing different sections of the community


Parent governors should establish rapport with other parents. However, they should not become personally involved in any individual concerns as this may jeopardise complaint and appeal procedures.  The parent governor’s role is the same as that of any other governor, and that no specific duties are attached to it.




A Foundation Governor is appointed by Bishop John Arnold (Salford Diocese) for the purpose of ensuring that the school’s religious character is preserved and developed.


Foundation Governors have specific functions in addition to the core governor role. 


Statutory guidance for maintained schools from the Department for Education (D.f.E.) says:

A Foundation Governor is someone who, in the opinion of the person entitled to appoint them, has the skills to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school, and who is appointed for the purpose of securing:

  • In all cases, that the school character (including religious character where it has one ) is preserved and developed; and
  • That the school is conducted in accordance with the foundation’s governing documents





Their role is to represent the Local Authority but they do not have to vote in agreement with the views of the Authority. As all governors, their duty is to put the best interests of the school first.



All governors are part of the Full Governing Body and invited to attend those meetings. Governors are usually invited to join smaller committees. The governing body has three committees, each of which has delegated responsibility and accountability.  


The committees are:  

Curriculum Inclusion & Standards Committee  

Finance, Staffing and Premises

Pay Committee





VacancyFoundation Governor

Parish Priest

John McGovern

Foundation Governor (Chair)


Saul Quirke

Foundation Governor (Vice Chair)


Kevin Garvey

Foundation Governor

Martin Gibbons

Foundation Governor


Charlotte Martin

Foundation Governor


Ifem Onoura

Parent Governor


Mary Metcalfe

Parent Governor


Bronwen O’Donoghue


Statutory Right

Trish Doohan

Staff Governor 

June 2021

Shelly Leigh

Clerk to the Governors


Mathew Benham

LA Governor







John McGovern

Kevin Garvey

Trish Doohan

Martin Gibbons (Safeguarding governor)

Saul Quirke (Chair)

Ifem Onoura

Mary Metcalfe (SEND governor)

Charlotte Martin


Martin Gibbons

Charlotte Martin

Yvonne Joyce (Associate Governor)


Martin Gibbons

John McGovern