Year 3 - Sycamore


Welcome To Our Year Three Class Page - Mr Fossey

Year 3 thought about the brilliant qualities and promises they were going to bring to Year 3. They thought about how they can contribute to the class in a positive way and become Year 3 Superstars! They wrote their hopes, promises and goals on a star to hang on our class tree.

In our Science lessons Year 3 investigated which materials were most reflective. They then used that material to design their school bags with a reflective strip.

Year 3 experimented with mirrors to investigate how they work. They wrote a message for their partner using a mirror so it would be backwards. Their partner then had to use a mirror to decipher the message.

Year 3 created their own version of cave paintings using pastels. They tried to use colours the Stone Age people would have used to really replicate these amazing, prehistoric pieces of art.

David the Therapy Dog came to visit our class and as you can see the children were very excited to see him!

Year 3 have been learning the tin whistle in preparation for the Irish festival where we celebrate all things Irish participating in music workshops, dance workshops and traditional Irish singing.

Year 3 experimented with torches to make shadows investigating changing the size of the shadow.

In class just like historians, the children examined the evidence to try build up a picture of Otzi the ice man and what their life might have been like. Along with the body itself, many of the man’s belongings were also preserved, including his weapons, clothing and tools.

We made lots of Christmas creations in our final few days in school before the festive period. Take a look at our version of a 'Christmas Snowflake' to hang on the Christmas tree.

Lantern Making

The children made lanterns with the 'We Are Adventurers' staff so they could bring them to the Beech Road Christmas parade. Thank you to all the staff and Paul as the children loved making them!

'Pointillist Painting' linked to our Geography Topic

The children created a landscape picture including a sea or river and used the artist technique of Pointillist. Seurat the artist often painted rivers or seascapes so we adopted his approach to create our own. This cross-curricular link with our Geography topic allowed us to use cotton buds to try achieve the same affect as the artist did with his paintings. Take a look at our artistic approach-the children had fabulous fun!

African Animal Sunset Art to Celebrate Black History Month

Throughout October, our learning has involved finding out about a different inspirational black person each day from the amazing book 'Young, Gifted and Black' by Jamia Wilson. We also researched some famous black sports people.


We learned about African Art and then recreated some patterns, based on what we had explored. We were also lucky enough to participate in an interactive Zoom session with the author Ifeoma Onyefulu! 

Year 3 Sycamore 'Collective Worship'

The children love our collective worship sessions led by our 'Worship Leaders.' They choose the format of the worship and how we will be a witness then in our own lives!

The children explored and examined different types of rocks and then drew them in their books labelling the properties and appearance of the rock. Take a look at their scientific enquiry work!

Examining Rocks in Science

Our United Kingdom Playdough Maps

The children tried to recreate the United Kingdom with playdough labelling the countries and even some capital cities if they could. Take a look at their playdough maps and how creative they all were!

Spanish Lesson-How Are You? Que tal?

In our Spanish lesson we have been learning how to ask someone how they are and the different responses we could reply with. Children made an emotion with their face and the rest of the class had to guess the emotion and answer with their newly learned Spanish phrases. 

We read a class book called 'Mind Hug' which introduces mindfulness and then tried to put some strategies into practice with a 'Chair Yoga' session. We focused on our breathing and tried to relax our mind and body-take a look at the pictures, the children look like Yoga superstars!!!

Our Chair Yoga Session