Meet The Team


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs B O'Donoghue - Headteacher  (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Y Joyce - Assistant Head (Safeguarding Team)

Mrs H Vecchione - Inclusion, Health & Wellbeing Lead (SENDcO)

Mrs R Speak - Teaching and Learning Lead 



Mrs S Marsden - Pastoral Manager (Safeguarding Team) 


Phase Leaders

Mrs S Murphy

Mrs L Godding


Teaching Staff

 Year Group  TeacherTeaching Assistants


Mrs Joyce & Miss GingMrs A Baines & Ms M Birrane 

Mrs C Lucas

Miss B Simpkin

 Miss C Smith

Miss R Meeley



 Year 1

Mr B Jones

Mrs J Warbrick/Mr D Burke



 Mr N Plant 

 Year 2 

Mr D Sutcliffe

Miss S Murphy/Mrs E Byrne

 Year 3

Mrs R Gilleece 

Mrs K Connor




Mr O Sutton

Mrs L Maloney

Mrs A McIntyre

Mrs F Irvine 

Mrs C Payne

Mr N Plant

Mrs P Doohan 


 Year 4

Miss D Raynes 

Mrs D Plant/ Mrs J Roche    

 Year 5

Mrs S McEvans 

Mr T Matthews

 Year 6


Mrs L Godding

Mrs M Greenwell

Mrs Y Solomon


Sports Coaches 

Mr A Hogan 

Mr O Lucas 


Office Staff 

Mrs C Fallows - School Business Manager

Mrs S Murphy - Business Support Officer  / Enrichment & Aftercare

Mrs T Deasy - School Administrator/Attendance



Mr P Kelly - Site Manager 


Lunchtime Organisers

Mrs A Dutton 

Mrs A McIntyre 

Mrs J Reid

Miss I Mackiewicz

Mrs G Maciejewska

Mrs M Saddat