Year 6 - Cedar


Welcome To Our Year Six Class Page - Miss Seccombe

Welcome to Year 6!


We have had a brilliant first couple of days. I am so proud of the class. I will add more detail over the course of the half term about subjects but here is a brief overview of the next couple of weeks before our trip.


English - We will be studying a short story called "Lee Roughley" and our written work will be based around this. This work will provide opportunities for narrative writing and to build comprehension skills.

Reading- Guided Reading will be based around the detective genre and will give the children the opportunity to work on a variety of skills whilst solving a crime.

Mathematics- We will be covering place value

Topic- The theme is "Conflict" which will cover war through the ages.

Science- Electricity

Gym- This will take place on a Tuesday and full kit will be needed.

Games- TBC


Ghyll Head 

We are really looking forward to our trip to Ghyll Head and further information will be given during the Zoom session tomorrow evening, Wednesday 8th September at 5pm. Please ensure you have filled in the correct forms and handed them in by Friday so I can assess medical information and any additional needs.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or issues about the year or the trip. I have really enjoyed the first couple of days and hope the children have too. 


Thank you for your support, 

Miss Seccombe



Leadership interviews and speeches

Applications are due on Wednesday 29th September. We will then hold interviews and speeches for Head Boy and Head Girl on Friday 1st October. We look forward to assigning roles! 

September 28th- Year 6 CEDAR Curriculum update


Since our return from Ghyll Head, lessons have been back in full swing. For the rest of the Half Term we will be covering the range of exciting topics below:



Persuasive Writing - Brochure writing about Ghyll Head or St John's

Narrative Poetry- "The Highwayman"

We will be working on our diary and letter writing skills as well as creating and performing monologues. 



In Year 6 we always have four texts on the go! 

Independent Reading- This has been selected by your child based on reading one to one with myself. 

Guided Reading- we completed our mystery text and found out who committed the crime. We will now work on a variety of texts in small groups. Each week we will cover a different comprehension skill. Your child will find out their text on Monday 4th October but this will remain in school for lessons.

Class English sessions- The text is our poem as above

Class Book- "When The Sky Falls"



We will cover Place value along with the four main calculations


Topic- History

The theme is conflict and we will start by looking at current conflicts and going backwards through time.



The theme is unconditional love



This half term we will look at basic greetings and introductions.



This half term science will cover electricity. The children will design, build and evaluate their own electronic scarecrows by the end of the topic.



Games - This will take place on a Thursday

Gym- This will take place on a Tuesday







Fun reading/drama lesson- Children became detectives trying to work out who was the robber in our reading text! Children were using their skills of deduction. Great work!

This Week in Year 6 Cedar- Wednesday 6th October


What a week so far!

The children have worked hard on their reading this week. Ask your child to predict or summarise and you will be wowed. We have been using these key reading skills in our guided sessions. 


In math's we have been covering the column methods for addition and subtraction and even solving problems!


In History we thought about whether we should always intervene in a conflict and how we should help if we do. Your children suggested many ways to help from providing food and water, to giving a country a warning or in extreme circumstances sending in troops.


Finally we revealed our leadership roles and the children have been provided with many opportunities to have their say in different ways. congratulations to all who applied.


Homework is due on a Wednesday and this is also going well.