Spanish Exchange



For the past 19 years, St. John's School has maintained a vibrant and successful Spanish Exchange programme with Humberto Junaes School in Nigrán, Galicia. This long-standing partnership has fostered strong bonds between the two schools and provided an invaluable cultural immersion experience for our children.


Programme Structure:

  • Year 5 students travel to Spain
  • Year 6 students host Spanish students in return
  • One parent accompanies each child, staying in nearby bungalows on a campsite whilst in Spain



During our trip to Spain we fly into Porto airport then travel North to Nigran. Whilst there we 

attend classes at Humberto Junaes School, participate in watersports activities in the beautiful Panxon harbour, take a trip to the stunning Cíes Islands, sample local cuisine and experience cultural highlights of the area

Each evening the children go home and stay with their host families (in 2's and 3's) for full immersion into Spanish daily life.


One of the primary goals of our Cultural Exchange Trip is the complete immersion of our children into Spanish life. Students stay with their host families for the duration of the exchange, allowing them to fully experience Spanish culture, language, and daily routines.

While parents accompany their children on the trip, they stay separately to encourage independence and full cultural immersion. Parents have several carefully scheduled opportunities throughout the week to spend time with their children, balancing the need for students to settle into their host families with maintaining some parental contact.




In Year 6, our students have the opportunity to reciprocate the hospitality by hosting Spanish students from Nigrán, further strengthening the cultural bonds and friendships formed during their visit to Spain.

This exchange program has proven to be an enriching experience for all involved, providing our students with a unique opportunity to improve their language skills, gain cultural understanding, and form lasting international friendships.


The strong 19-year relationship between St. John's and Humberto Junaes schools continues to flourish, and we know that this trip creates lifelong friendships.