School Trips & Visits


Under normal circumstances (pre-COVID19), it is our aim to ensure that all children have a minimum of two trips and a school visit to support the topics they are studying.



Blue Planet Aquarium - Children learn about marine life, identifying and classifying creatures, i.e. whether they’re herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores

Smithills Farm - A wonderful farm experience, with over 25 different types of residents. Some are more furry than others.

Dinosaur Visit to School - This is a life-like full body costume that is worked by a puppeteer. She has animatronic features and a realistic roar making this the most dynamic interactive learning experience.


Year 1

Freshwater Theatre Visit - Neil Armstrong Taking you through the the events around the moon landing on July 20, 1969, when Armstrong and Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first people to land on the Moon

Tatton Park  Historic estate with Tudor hall, neo-classical mansion, lavish gardens, a deer park and playground.

Marist Centre Themed religious based retreat days including various activities. 


Year 2 

Manchester Airport Visitors Park  An amazing day trip with runway views, a tour of Concorde & other aircraft.

Marist Centre Themed religious based retreat days including various activities. 

Freshwater Theatre Visit - Florence Nightingale Travelling with Florence to Scutari hospital and role-playing scenes from her life, your class will explore her childhood memories as well as her nursing legacy. 


Year 3

10,000 Years BC History Company Visit  Palaeolithic (early Stone Age) workshops and demonstrations displaying authentic-looking replica artefacts, implements and garments of the period.

Marist Centre Themed religious based retreat days including various activities. 

Football Museum Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or not you will enjoy a visit to England’s only national museum for football.

Camp Out  A fun night camping out on the school field filled with fun activities provided by We Are Adventurers.


Year 4

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry A day looking at the development of science, technology and industry with emphasis on the city's achievements in these fields.

Marist Centre Themed religious based retreat days including various activities. 

Egyptian Visit at School  Travel through time with this entertaining workshop learning all the important parts of Ancient Egyptian history.

Ghyll Head An educational outdoor team building residential trip in Windermere where the children will engage in a number of activities including rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing.


Year 5

Manchester Imperial War Museum Telling the powerful stories of over a century of war, with an extraordinary exhibition space to deliver an award-winning immersive experience.

Greek Day at School  A fun and exciting workshop allowing the children to immerse themselves into the lifestyle of an Ancient Greek. 

Mayan Archeologist visit to school  Meet a Real-life Archaeologist and Learn about the Maya and their Rainforest.

Spanish Exchange - Nigran An amazing opportunity to spend a week in life of spanish child, living with their families and attending their school. 


Year 6

Quarry Bank Mill Spending a day at one of the best preserved textile factories of the Industrial Revolution. Built in 1784. 

Leigh House Outdoor team building religious based retreat day.

Robinwood  A 3 day, 2 night residential course packing in 15 exciting activities providing the right balance by offering activities that will challenge, develop teamwork and stimulate the imagination.