Nursery & Reception Admissions

Nursery and Early Years

At St. John’s we encourage the children to learn through exploration, experimentation and investigation within a safe environment where they can ask questions, acquire new skills and knowledge and gain a sound understanding of the world around them. Our rich and balanced curriculum introduces our youngest children to personal, social, emotional and physical development, communication and language skills through literacy, mathematics and expressive art and design. Going at their individual pace ensures that they gain the most from their learning so that they are ready to tackle the next steps on their education journey.


We believe in an enriched curriculum so we try to ensure that as much learning as possible takes place in our fantastic outdoor space. We believe in high-quality teaching and enabling environments in which children can take risks and become effective learners. Nursery and Reception children have their own dedicated space, filled with stimulating and inspiring areas and equipment, all geared towards helping them to develop and refine their early language and reading skills.


Settling In 

We work in close partnership with families, ensuring they are fully involved in their child’s education and understand how to support their progress. A strong pastoral structure underpins the curriculum and seeks to develop the potential of every child. Learning is valued at all stages focusing on engagement, challenge and achievement in many different learning environments. Whether this is academic, spiritual or emotional, we continually strive to live out our school values.

In order for our children to live life to the full we provide an extensive range of enrichment opportunities, where each child’s knowledge, skills and talents can be nurtured and developed. The school has caring and highly committed staff, whose togetherness shines through in the collaborative and supportive way we work. They too are valued as individuals and are fantastic role models.


Please contact the school office on 0161 881 1040 to arrange a tour and collect an application pack.