Early Years





Our Early Years curriculum is designed to provide all children with the opportunities and experiences that they need in order to develop positive relationships and attitudes to be able to succeed as learners in our school. It is designed to form the foundation and the initial building blocks for the curriculum that the children will experience throughout the rest of the school in Key Stage 1 and 2. Our main focus is ensuring that all children develop a sound base of early reading skills and phonics from their starting point.


We have a balance of child initiated activities and adult led activities throughout the Early Years setting.  Our children thrive through practical and investigative activities which are changed regularly to engage and challenge each individual learner.







All staff have high expectations and the enhancement of skills for learning is achieved through recently refurbished, well-resourced, stimulating environment that allows children to repeat and consolidate their own learning. Children are encouraged to take an active part in their learning journeys and become independent learners. We foster a love of learning by ensuring that we capture and learn through the children’s interests as much as possible. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity!


Our high quality teaching and learning is based on a team planning approach centred around children’s individual needs and interests, as well as providing the initial building blocks for the wider whole school curriculum which follows.


Our curriculum provision enthuses and generates a love for reading whilst effectively teaching new ideas, concepts and vocabulary.  This can be seen through our planning around a book  which is driven through exposure to quality texts, which is also linked to all areas of our curriculum. Our children also have access to home readers, guided reading, story time, nursery rhyme time and individual reading time with a member of staff.

Our mathematics curriculum is taught daily through exposure and exploration of number, shape and measures in the environment.  It encapsulates real life scenarios for example, cookery (weights and measures), shopping (money role play) and general day to day teacher daily activities and routines.


Staff are skilled at asking questions that encourage children to think more deeply about their learning, to extend their use of language across the curriculum and to make connections in order to embed new learning.

Prime areas are a key part of our curriculum.  They are covered though all areas of our curriculum provision but specific examples are:

  • We have a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • We have our key worker system
  • We have key interventions that cover one or all three prime areas i.e. Finger strong groups.
  • Weekly PSED/Circle time sessions
  • Weekly PE and fundamental movement skills sessions



Assessments are relevant and purposeful, leading to improved outcomes for children.  We have continuous, daily assessment which influences provision lesson to lesson, day to day, week by week.  This can be seen in our planning files, on Tapestry, daily practice and the learning environment.


We strive to involve parents to engage in supporting their child’s to learning. We do this through Tapestry, parent workshops, information leaflets, half-termly newsletters and website class page updates.






Children enjoy their learning and the majority participate eagerly and enthusiastically.  They are beginning to manage their own feelings and behaviour, and understand how these have an impact on others.

It can be seen that, for those children that have been present for the majority of their early years education at our school will flourish and develop into confident, motivated and independent learners, will make good or better progress and often achieve GLD.