St John’sRC Primary School

Growing and learning together in the footsteps of Jesus.

Collection /Drop off points

Enrichment Club / Aftercare 

Collection/Drop off Point 
Breakfast Club 7:45am and 8:10amChepstow Road Cow Gate

Aftercare EYFS, REC Y1, 2 & 3 (4.30pm)

Chepstow Road Cow Gate

Aftercare Y4,5 & 6 (4.30pm)

EYFS Playground Gate

Aftercare all ages (5pm or 5.30pm)

Chepstow Road Cow Gate

All We Are Adventurers  

Rye Bank Field Gate

All Aspire

Rye Bank Field Gate

Mini Masters Y2 & Y3

Chepstow Road Cow Gate

Story & Craft  REC & Y1

Chepstow Road Cow Gate

Comedy Drama Y3 & Y4 (4.30pm)

Chepstow Road Cow Gate
Yogabugs Nursery & RECChepstow Road Cow Gate
Comedy Drama Y3 & Y4 (4.30pm)Chepstow Road Cow Gate
Gymnastics Y1 & Y2 (4.30pm)Chepstow Road Cow Gate
Mini Masters Y4,Y5 & Y6Chepstow Road Bee Gate
UkuleleChepstow Road Bee Gate
Yogabugs Y3 & Y4Chepstow Road Bee Gate
Yogabugs Y1 & Y2Chepstow Road Bee Gate
TextilesChepstow Road Bee Gate
Comedy Drama Y5 & Y6 (5.30pm)Chepstow Road Bee Gate
Pop ChoirChepstow Road Bee Gate
Rock BandChepstow Road Bee Gate
Gymnastics Y3 & Y4 (5.30pm)Chepstow Road Bee Gate