Schools Buddy

SchoolsBuddy - Available on-line and App. 

To ensure that you only receive information relating to your child/ren, now all communication is sent via SchoolsBuddy.

All school communication, bookings and payments are made via SchoolsBuddy:

  • School letters

  • Events / School Trip information

  • School dinner / Milk 

  • Parent/s Evening 

  • School Fund


This service helps you manage their diary, sign them up for events / clubs and helps you manage payments. 


Open an account and activate today!

We encourage all parents to open a SchoolsBuddy account. You will need to contact the school office via in order to request an account to be set up in your name. You will then be requested to activate your account on-line.


A SchoolsBuddy app is also available for download onto your phone via ios apps or android Google Play.