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Welcome to the home of

St John's RC Primary School

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


This is a hub for our community of parents and carers, where we can continue to build on the family values and sense of togetherness that St Johns brings to us all.


We, as a registered Charity, are here to raise vital funds for the school. We are here to facilitate parental/carer participation in the school, all centered around fundraising and instilling that sense of community. We organise social events and meetings to promote positive interaction as we truly believe that together we can give a lot back to the school that supports our children.


How do I get involved?


There are a few levels of engagement and hopefully there is one to suit you.


  1. Come and support the PTA events and meetings - You are all members and it is so easy to attend.
  2. Join our Casual Volunteer Register - Get involved in an event; offers of help for any amount of time is truly appreciated. Simply email us (on to offer support! 
  3. Buy Tickets or Products - All the money we raise goes back into the school and directly impacts your children in such a positive way! 
  4. Ideas - We are welcome to any ideas parents want to put our way for fundraising
  5. Be a Class Rep - Someone who communicates to and fields opinion from your child's class
  6. Join our Committee - These roles are available each school year in October at our AGM (Annual General Meeting)
  7. Follow us on social media - A simple retweet, follow or like goes a long way to raising our profile and advertising our school to all of those people looking for the perfect school for their child! (Click on the links below!)


PTA Committee Members 


Committee RoleCommittee Member Name
Vice Chair 
Vice Treasurer 
Charity Development Officer 
Communications Officer 
Committee Member 


How can I contact the PTA?


Email -

WhatsApp - Through your class representative


Instagram - st_johns_pta


Facebook - St John's RC - PTA


Twitter - @stjohnsrcpta

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