Opening times



Core hours for pupils of statutory school age are Monday - Friday (08:55 - 15:30) 

This equates to 32 hours and 55 minutes per week for 190 school days.



The school start and finish times are the same for KS1 and KS2. Classes begin at 8.55am and finish at 3.30pm. The Early Years children can be dropped off at 8.45pm

and need to be picked up at 3.20pm.



All gates will be opened by a member of staff at 8.45am when families may come in and wait in the areas close to where the year groups will line up. The whistle will be blown at 8.50am when

classteachers will line classes up and go into class ready to start their days. Similarly, the children will be brought back to the same area at 3.30pm for collection. If you have children in EYFS/KS1 and children in KS2, the older children may come through the younger gates at 8.45am and walk to join their lines on the astro at 8.50am. There will be plenty of staff on hand to direct children to where they need to be.