Lunch Menus

We have a healthy eating policy at St John’s.  


Children learn about the effects of eating and drinking on the body and especially the brain and learning.


Children are able to bring water in a water bottle to school and have access to drinking water all day.


Children are only allowed to bring fruit, breadsticks and fruit juice into school for break times. Crisps, sweets, chocolate and biscuits are not allowed. At morning break the children in Foundation and KS1 are provided with a healthy fruit snack. Milk is also provided at a cost determined by the local authority, this is payable yearly. At lunchtime, our school meals are provided by Manchester Fayre which follows all the recent recommendations around nutrition for children and also offer a vegetarian option.


School meals are provided free of charge by the government universal free school meal scheme for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. All other year groups school meals are provided at a cost current to recommendations from the local authority. If you wish to change your child’s meal arrangements we ask that you give the office 2 weeks notice.


We ask that parents provide packed lunches which are nutritionally balanced. They must not contain sweets or fizzy drinks. Of course, we allow our children to have treats from time to time. For example ice cream or popcorn as class rewards. Children will bring in chocolate to share with class mates as part of birthday celebrations. We aim to provide our children with a balanced approach to eating. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns. You must inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements that your child has.


Click here to go to the Manchester City Council school meals page which has a lot of information about nutrition and school meal provision. 


How to Apply for Free School Meals

For parents and carers interested in applying for free school meals, this process can now be completed online by clicking here. Applying online confirms the eligibility or otherwise instantly, so there is no need to wait for replies to paper forms sent to the council offices.


Please see the attached document, 'Application guide for free school meal checker', for detailed instructions on how to process the online application.


St John’s has been awarded the maximum food hygiene rating of 5.