Comedy Drama

After School Comedy Drama Club video for students and parents at St John's Primary

Please have a watch of this short video telling you and your children a little bit about what Big Comedy Shop does and what to expect at our After School Comedy Clubs. We hold sessions at St John's Primary on Wednesdays for Key Stage 2 students.

Comedy Drama is run by facilitators Ali Kahn and Dan Tiernan from Big Comedy Shop.


At Comedy Drama we use comedy to access students' voices and tell stories. We focus on the creations, imagination and observations of the children.


The aims of our sessions are to:

  • provide a safe space for creativity and play.

  • develop communication and social skills.

  • build self esteem.

  • enhance confidence.

  • allow children to feel seen and heard.

  • make our students feel like they matter.


Through the use of improvisation and learning comedy and performance techniques, students create their own comedy characters and sketches. Improvisation forces us to be in the moment - a great tool for mindfulness.


Comedy Drama sessions are high energy, fast paced and all inclusive: they are as much about working as a team as they are about self expression.


Comedy Drama has always proven to be very popular at St Johns since we started in 2012 and long may that continue! Bring on the funny!